TRASNSPORT INTERNATIONAL AND SHIPPING

Transport company CARGO welcomes on their site. Our specialty is widely understood carriage of goods. Since the transport of tarpaulin semitrailers transports refrigerated.

The main area of ​​business is international transport throughout Europe, but in terms of our services is also a national transport. We transport cargo Part- and partial loads. We have many years experience in the trucking industry. Preferring our directions of transport, inter alia truck transport to France, England, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Finland. Our priority is customer satisfaction, which is why we are very keen on creating a positive relationship with him long-term cooperation. CARGO focuses on transport services at the highest level as confirmed by our partners from many European countries. We know how to effectively take care of every customer and safely get to each designated to us. We guarantee full security through insurance of the goods. With us each consignment arrives on time.

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